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Englewood is a city located in Arapahoe County, just several miles south of Denver. With origins that date back to the mid 1800s during the Gold Rush, this region has been growing, changing and evolving, for over 150 years.

Situated in close proximity to the city, Englewood is an ideal location for individuals who commute to Denver for work. I has a top notch transportation system – including a train, bus routes, and even a free trolley – that can help you travel all over the Denver metro area with ease.

As far as activities go, Englewood has got something for everyone. There are plenty of family friendly things to do, from parks to bike trails to the popular Pirates Cove Water Park. You can go hone in your climbing skills at Movement, the city’s premier climbing and fitness gym. Or why not catch a show at the historic Gothic Theatre? Englewood is one exciting city with lots to offer.

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Englewood Neighborhood Breakdown:

If you are considering moving to Englewood, it helps to get familiar with its various neighborhoods. It can be broken down into three main sections:

North Englewood is the region that extends from W Evans Ave down to highway 285. Central Englewood is the heart of the city, consisting of the land from 285 down to W Tufts Ave. And finally, the area located south of W Tufts Ave is South Englewood.

Let’s take a closer look at each section and discuss their defining, unique characteristics.

Home Inspection Englewood - North Neighborhoods

North Englewood Neighborhoods

The North side of Englewood saw a lot of industrial expansion and residential growth from the 1920s through the 1960s. That’s why you will come across a multitude of single family homes from these eras. North Englewood consists chiefly of mid-century ranch and bungalow-style homes situated in quaint neighborhoods that are interspersed with small parks.

You will find that there is a wide array of restaurants and businesses as you move closer to S Broadway, a major street that travels down the center of Englewood. This area is also home to one of the staples of the Denver live music scene – The Gothic Theatre. 

When inspecting these types of older homes, there is a multitude of potential components that can be problematic. In many cases, old homes are updated. But we often come across homes with original components.

Our inspectors will be taking a close look at the structure and foundation of the home, to make sure that years of wear and tear have not caused any notable defects. We are also paying close attention to electrical wiring to make sure that there are no outdated electrical systems such as knob and tube wiring or Federal Pacific panels – both of which are deemed to be safety concerns. Additionally, we make sure that outlets are properly grounded with GFCI outlets, where required.

Inspectors are also going to be paying close attention to the plumbing situation in these types of homes. Because if the plumbing has not ever been replaced, it will likely need repair of some type. For instance, galvanized piping was a popular material used up to the 196os in water supply lines. This type of material proved to cause issues due to its tendency to corrode and build up rust. If identified during an inspection, we will be sure to call this out for repair.

And don’t forget about those drainage pipes leaving the home. Cast iron and clay pipes were commonly used in residential homes up until the early 70s. Both of these types of piping are known to have a number of potential issues. So it’s always a great idea to get a sewer scope inspection!

Central Englewood Neighborhoods

As you make your way down past 285, you will find yourself in Central Englewood. Similar to North Englewood neighborhoods, many of these homes are early to mid-century builds. Some of these homes even date back to the early 1900s!

The majority of houses in Central Englewood are 2 – 4 bedroom single family residences, many with basements and single or double car garages. This region is certainly family friendly, with lots of recreational options, including a plethora of parks, playgrounds, and the renowned Movement fitness center.

Inspectors will be on the look out for a lot of the same items as in North Englewood. Again, any original components still present on these old homes need to be scrutinized very carefully.

Also, we keep a close eye out for moisture issues. During our general inspection, we conduct a full visual assessment for any moisture concerns. While this may suffice in many cases, sometimes it is wise to conduct more thorough moisture tests. That’s why we offer our additional services, Infra-Red Scanning Tests and Mold Air Sample Testing. Adding these services to the general inspection will help you gain a more detailed evaluation of the property.

Home Inspection Englewood - Central Neighborhoods
Home Inspection Englewood - Central Neighborhoods

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South Englewood Neighborhoods

Let’s keep heading southward and cruise into South Englewood. Here you can expect to see a lot of 50s and 60s single family homes mixed with some houses and condos from the 1980s. Similar to its northern counterparts, South Englewood is mainly comprised of residential neighborhoods.

It is here that you can enjoy outdoor walking/biking trails or sports facilities in popular parks like Centennial Park and Cornerstone Park. Or in the summer, you and the family can cool off at Pirates Cove Water Park!

When it comes to 80s homes, one of the key features we watch out for is EIFS siding. This was an exterior stucco system that proved to have design flaws and can lead to moisture issues. Upon identifying EIFS-related issues, the inspector will call it out for further evaluation.

During inspections in this area, we are looking at big ticket items such as furnaces, water heaters, boilers AC units etc, making sure that everything is up to date and functioning properly. Furthermore, we can also expect to see potential defects on the exterior such as aging windows and roofs.

Home Inspection Englewood - South Neighborhoods
Home Inspection Englewood - South Neighborhoods

Englewood Home Inspections

It’s not hard to see why so many people are eager to call Englewood home. From fun outdoor activities to great nightlife, this city can certainly hold its own.

Furthermore, its location just south of Denver makes it great option for commuting professionals. You can also generally find homes at more reasonable prices, compared to Denver.

If you are interested in making Englewood your home, we encourage you to consult with your agent. Then when you find your dream home, and the time comes to have a home inspection, we hope that you will consider Scott Home Inspection.

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