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About Scott Home Inspection:

Scott Home Inspection was established in 2006 by George and Ann Scott. George has a background in Project-Management and experience with home remodel projects, and Ann has a career background in Sales and Marketing. The two share a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, and brought this to the home inspection industry. As the team has grown over the years, we have hired like-minded individuals who share our passion for caring for Colorado homeowners. We continue to break the mold of home inspection companies, and were one of the first local companies to offer electronic report delivery, in-house staff performing multiple inspection add-on services, and expansion into the energy service market. Today we have a team of talented and passionate inspection and customer service professionals, working together as a family, to meet the commitment outlined in our mission statement: Helping Colorado families live in safe, healthy and comfortable homes.
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Our Valuable Team Members

George Scott
George ScottFounder & CEO, ASHI Certified Inspector, Certified HERS Rater
ASHI Certified InspectorGeorge founded Scott Home Inspection in 2006 with a strong background in electronics and electrical engineering. He also had several years’ experience in his family’s home construction business. As a Certified Home Inspector and Certified Energy Rater, George is an excellent resource to help with inspection and energy-related requirements.

George enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with his grandchildren.

Ann Scott
Ann ScottOwner, Director of Sales and Marketing
Ann’s background is in Sales and Customer service. She supports the Sales and Marketing team in addressing the needs of our customers, and is always ready to help you with your inspection needs.

Ann enjoys riding her horses, swimming, and working on family ancestry.

Chelsea Scott
Chelsea ScottDirector Of Operations
Chelsea’s background is in customer service. She spends time on our team customer-facing, as well as behind the scenes in daily operations. She also works in Human Resources for our company.

Chelsea enjoys yoga, reading, and spending time with her family and children.

Kadee Schoettle
Kadee SchoettleCustomer Service Manager & Inside Sales
Kadee brings many years of experience in Customer Service to our team at Scott Home Inspection. She can help identify the inspection services and schedule to best meet your needs. Her responsiveness is second to none!

Kadee enjoys paddle boarding, yoga, baking (desserts mostly) and spending time with her family and friends.

Laura Strevey
Laura StreveyCustomer Service Associate
Laura brings 15+ years of experience in customer service to the Scott Home Inspection team. She has spent the last few years working with contractors and inspectors throughout the front range.

A Colorado native, she loves the outdoors, great beer, and spending time with her fiance and their dog.

Robin Hellerich
Robin HellerichCustomer Service Associate
Robin is a customer service professional and an expert in client communications. She is also a certified paralegal with over 10 years of experience making her a valued addition to our team!
Jessica Schwarz
Jessica SchwarzCustomer Service Associate
Jessica has worked in customer service for 7 years in multiple companies throughout the home service industry. Her knowledge of the sector and her friendly personality make her a great addition to the team.

In her free time she enjoys spending quality time with her family, husband and dog; hanging out at the lake, paddle-boarding, and camping. Also, being from California, she tries to go back and visit her family and hit the beach as much as possible.

Luke Griess
Luke GriessDirector of Inspection Services, ASHI Certified Inspector, Certified HERS Rater, Certified WDO Inspector
Luke has over 15 years’ experience in home building, remodeling, commercial construction, and as a Certified Home Inspector. He has expertise in framing, siding, decks, roofing, drywall, doors/windows, and interior trim carpentry. He is also a Certified Home Energy Rater, performing energy analysis, field inspections and verification testing on HERS rating projects. Luke is our Inspection Manager, guiding our team of home inspectors, energy auditors and inspection specialists.

ASHI Certified InspectorW.D.O. CertifiedASHI Certified InspectorIn his free time, Luke enjoys woodworking and tackling home improvement projects. He also enjoys fishing, golf, basketball, and tennis.

Todd Brualdi
Todd BrualdiASHI Certified Inspector, NRPP Certified Radon Professional
Todd is a Certified Home Inspector and an NRPP Certified Radon Professional and has been in the industry for nearly ten years. He has experience in “Fixing and Flipping” turn-of-the-century bungalows in the Downtown Denver area, and had his own business as a residential handyman. Todd brings a broad experience base to our inspection team.

Todd enjoys running, golfing, hiking, home improvement projects, and spending time with his kids.
ASHI Certified InspectorASHI Certified Inspector

Joe Ophoff
Joe OphoffEnergy Services Manager, ASHI Certified Inspector, Certified HERS Rater
Joe brings a broad construction background to our team, with over 10 years in the industry, including experience in framing, roofing, irrigation systems, sewer scopes, siding and insulation systems. In addition to performing general home inspections, Joe is a Certified Home Inspector, Certified HERS Rater, and one of our Energy Efficiency Specialists. Coming from the Midwest, he knows what it takes to make your home snug in the winter and comfortable in the summer.

When Joe is not inspecting, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, writing music, and golfing.ASHI Certified Inspector

Dave Spielman
Dave SpielmanASHI Certified Inspector, Mold-Moisture Inspection Specialist, Certified EIFS Inspector
Dave brings a wide range of experience to our team with his background in environmental services, including mold inspections and infra-red scanning. As an ASHI Inspector, Dave performs many types of inspections, including general home inspections, sewer scopes, radon testing, and rental inspections for the city of Boulder. Also, he is our EIFS stucco certified specialist.

Originally from New York, Dave enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, and cooking, especially doing all of these with his daughter.ASHI Certified InspectorEIFS Inspector CertificationASHI Certified Inspector

Brett Jones
Brett JonesASHI Certified Inspector
Prior to joining Scott Home Inspection, Brett owned and managed his own home inspection company. Brett is ASHI trained, completing the Home Inspection School in 2014. Together with his valuable inspection experience, Brett also has a background in real estate and mortgage financing, and has a thorough understanding of the residential purchase and mortgage loan process.
ASHI Certified InspectorASHI Certified Inspector
Chris Scott
Chris ScottASHI Certified Inspector; Director of Growth
Chris has several years’ experience performing home inspections, relocation inspections, SmartRegs/rental licenses. More recently, he has been expanding into our energy services including audits and blower door testing. In addition, Chris maintains our website and produces all of our how-to videos.

Chris enjoys playing and recording music, as well as making awesome videos.ASHI Certified Inspector

Jason Berger
Jason BergerASHI Certified Inspector, Certified WDO Inspector
Jason brings recent and extensive inspection experience to our team. He has also participated in a formal home inspector training program and has an excellent knowledge of home systems and construction principles. His excellent communication and customer service skills will make for a combination that will be hard to beat.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys hiking, skiing, dining out, supporting Colorado sports teams, and spending time with his family!ASHI Certified InspectorW.D.O. CertifiedASHI Certified Inspector

Jeff Trousil
Jeff TrousilASHI Certified Inspector
Jeff is a highly experienced inspector and has worked as a professional home inspector along the front range since 2008. Jeff brings a high level of experience and knowledge to our team and your home purchase.

Jeff enjoys free time with his wife and daughter and son-in-law and friends, traveling and new adventures, fishing, big game hunting, camping, hiking and taking care of their home, yard and gardens.
ASHI Certified InspectorASHI Certified Inspector

Woodrow Hoffmann
Woodrow HoffmannASHI Certified Inspector, Water Quality Testing Specialist, Certified WDO Inspector, R5 ICC Combination Building Inspector
Woodrow has a strong background in customer service and home building. Since working with us, he has developed skills in many types of inspections, such as sewer scopes and radon testing. Woodrow is also a fully certified ASHI Inspector.

In his free time, he enjoys skiing, golfing, traveling and trying new restaurants.ASHI Certified InspectorW.D.O. CertifiedASHI Certified Inspector

Joey Willoughby
Joey WilloughbyInternachi Certified Professional Inspector
Prior to joining Scott Home Inspection, Joey had multiple years of experience as a full-time home inspector working in the Colorado area. With thousands of home inspections under his belt, Joey brings a knowledgeable background and a friendly personality to our team.

In his free time, Joey enjoys cooking for his wife, spending time with his family, reading, gardening, and hiking.ASHI Certified InspectorCertified Professional Inspector

Kevin Sprague
Kevin SpragueInternachi Certified Professional Inspector
Kevin is an experienced home inspector that has been working across the front range since 2016. He studied home inspection at American Home Inspection Training Institute (AHIT). He is a certified home inspector with InterNACHI. His knowledge of homes and friendly personality make him a great addition to the team.

Kevin enjoys spending time with this wife and two young girls. He also enjoys skiing, hiking, camping and traveling.
ASHI Certified InspectorCertified Professional Inspector

Dan Henderson
Dan HendersonProfessional Inspector, BPI Building Analyst, Certified HERS Field Rater
Dan is a professional energy efficiency specialist and home inspector. As the founder of Green Tracks, Dan performed thousands of energy audits, home energy tests, and SmartRegs inspections. Dan joined our team in 2021 to apply his knowledge of home performance into home inspections, and to help expand our energy service offerings.

Dan is a gold medalist Paralympic athlete having played for the US in the 1998 and 2002 Paralympics in the sport of Para-ice hockey. Dan and his teammates won gold in Salt Lake in 2002.
BPI Building AnalystSRPPASHI Certified Inspector

Mike Donahue
Mike DonahueInternachi Certified Master Inspector
Mike is a Certified Master Inspector who has been performing inspections along the front range for multiple years. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

In his free time, Mike enjoys raising his kids and spending time with his family.Certified Mastyer Inspector

Jake Schwarz
Jake SchwarzASHI Associate Inspector
Jake came to us with a background in construction and remodeling, farming, and electrical engineering. We believed this combination of skillsets was a great base for a home inspector. Jake quickly learned our process and has become a well rounded and knowledgeable inspector. ASHI Certified Inspector
Zak Thomas
Zak ThomasInternachi Certified Professional Inspector, ASHI Associate Inspector
Zak has a long history in large landscape installations working as a project manager at a reputable landscaping company. His experience gave him a deep understanding of homes and made him an expert at customer communication. ASHI Certified InspectorCertified Professional Inspector
Ryan Hughes
Ryan HughesASHI Certified Inspector, Certified WDO Inspector, R5 ICC Combination Building Inspector
Ryan has over 5 years experience in home remodeling and commercial construction and specializes in performing sewer scope inspections for our team. His background includes working as a project manager for large commercial and residential projects, where he also specialized in framing and fine carpentry.

Ryan enjoys playing the piano, snowboarding, drawing, and travel.ASHI Certified InspectorW.D.O. CertifiedASHI Certified Inspector

Zach Seawalt
Zach SeawaltAssociate Home Inspector, Rental-SmartRegs Inspector, Sewer Scope Specialist, Certified WDO Inspector, BPI IDL Certified
Zach has experience in construction projects with a technical background in modern technology. Since joining our team, Zach has become a specialist in our sewer scope inspection service.

In his free time, Zach enjoys spending time with his daughter, fly fishing, playing sports, and staying active.BPI Building AnalystW.D.O. CertifiedASHI Certified Inspector

Ben Hughes
Ben HughesAssociate Home Inspector, Sewer Scope Specialist
Ben came to us from the service industry with many years of restaurant management and customer relationship experience. Since joining our team, Ben has added to his expertise and become a sewer scope and ancillary services specialist. ASHI Certified Inspector
Jordan Stains
Jordan StainsAssociate Home Inspector, Sewer Scope Specialist
Jordan joined our team with an interest in the inspection industry. Through our professional training program, he has become and expert in our ancillary services department specializing in radon testing, sewer scopes and more.

Jordan’s hardworking background, professional attitude, and communication skills make him a great addition to the team. ASHI Certified Inspector

Bo Sandoval
Bo SandovalAssociate Home Inspector, Sewer Scope Specialist
Bo brings extensive customer service experience from the service industry from service to management. Other notable experience comes from working at a reputable radio tower inspection company that involved installing radio communications for public safety as well as constructing and inspecting radio towers.
ASHI Certified InspectorW.D.O. Certified

In his free time, Bo enjoys traveling, working out, running, reading about history, and attending live music.

Marco Canales
Marco CanalesAssociate Home Inspector, Sewer Scope Specialist
Marco brings extensive experience of homes to our company having been a lead maintenance technician for large properties for over 7 years. His expertise and broad knowledge of how buildings operate is invaluable and made him an ideal candidate for inspection work.

In his free time, Marco enjoys spending time with family and friends, spending time outdoors, going to concerts, and taking my dog out for long hikes.

Jeffrey Von Donselaar
Jeffrey Von DonselaarAssociate Home Inspector, Sewer Scope Specialist
Jeffrey joined our company with a background in landscaping. His professionalism, great communications skills and familiarity with trade work made him a great fit for our associate inspector role.

ASHI Certified Inspector

Mark Scott
Mark ScottManual J/D Specialist; REScheck Report Specialist
Mark performs our Manual J/D heat load calculation reports for new construction homes and remodel/addition projects where required. Mark also is a specialist on REScheck Report preparation.

When not working, Mark enjoys getting out for a ride and is an active member of the Tour of Honor riding club.

Chris Conley
Chris ConleyManual J/D Specialist; REScheck Report Specialist
BPI Building AnalystChris has a deep background in HVAC system design, energy auditing, and architectural drafting. He is also a BPI Certified Building Analyst and professionally trained to perform our Manual J/S/D service. We welcomed Chris’ extensive knowledge base to our team.
Dan Thomas
Dan ThomasManual J/D Specialist
Dan came to our company with over 7 years of experience in HVAC design. His expertise in the field made it easy for him to jump into our Manual J department. His technical background and easy-going personality make him a great addition to the team.
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Experience Matters:

With over 15 years of experience, as well as our many qualifications and certifications, the staff at Scott Home Inspection will provide the expertise that you need and the excellent customer service that you expect.
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At Scott Home Inspection, our mission is to help Colorado families live in safe, healthy and comfortable homes
-From our Colorado families to yours.