Denver Rental License Inspections

“Healthy Residential Rentals for All”

Denver’s newly passed Residential Rental License Policy has passed city council. While this is a big change for the city, it joins over 60% of the country by having some type of rental licensing program.

The main goal of the program is to ensure that renters are living in safe and healthy homes in an environment where rental rates have substantially outpaced incomes.

While the program details are still being formalized, we plan to be at the forefront of providing the required rental license inspection. Our company has been providing rental license inspections in the city of Boulder for the last 10+ years, which gives us the experience needed to offer an efficient and scalable Denver Rental License Inspection service.

City Supplied Rental Estimated Stats

  • 5,668 Single Family Rentals
  • 15,888 Condo Rentals
  • 5,957 Rowhouse Rentals
  • 145,582 Total Apartment Units
  • 10% of all apartment units will need an inspection.
  • Certified Inspector’s must perform the rental license inspection.
ASHI Certified Inspector must perform Denver Rental License Inspections