An Energy-Check is an add-on to a standard Home Inspection.  Choose an Energy-Check to understand the basic energy performance of the home you are buying.  Included within the main home inspection report will be an Energy-Check section that will outline improvement recommendations to consider once you own the home.

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An Energy-Check is similar to an energy audit in that it defines components of a home that may have lower energy efficiency and describes ways in which you can improve these areas. The core difference from a standard energy audit is that no blower door test is performed to define where air leaks may be occurring. 

A more energy efficient home not only saves you money but typically will lead to a more comfortable home during the extreme seasons. We recommend this add-on to your home inspection so you can address issues before you move in.

Included Energy-Check inspection areas:

Included is a review of

  • Insulation levels
  • Air-Leakage concerns
  • Window performance
  • Heating-Cooling system efficiency
  • Water-Heating efficiency
  • Lighting-Appliance recommendations
  • Infra-Red scans of the home for energy related deficiencies

While not as comprehensive as a full Home Energy Audit, this check provides valuable input to a prospective home buyer relating to the energy efficiency considerations of your new home.

Energy-Check from Scott Home Inspection

Energy-Check Pricing


  • (With a Home Inspection Only)

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