1 Year Warranty Inspections.

Our 1 year warranty inspections cover all the major system items of a standard home inspection so you can get the most out of your builders warranty!

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Is Your 1 Year Warranty Coming To An End On Your New Home?

Buying a new home means no issues right? Well not always. That’s why most builders offer a one year warranty guarantying they will fix any issues that come up with your new home. But before it does, we recommend getting the home fully inspected.

A one year warranty inspection can find pin point issues you may have overlooked in your home, while addressing your concerns as well.

Our report can then be used as leverage to get items repaired properly.

ASHI Inspector for 1 Year Warranty Inspection in Denver, Boulder Fort Collins and Colorado Springs

ASHI Certified Home Inspectors

Like all of our home inspections, we follow the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Professional Practice. This helps us ensure that we are offering a high quality inspection that covers all the important aspects of the home.

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Why Do I Need This Inspection?

After one year of living in a new house, it is common to notice some minor issues that need to be repaired. It takes a lot to build a house and it is not uncommon for things to be overlooked in the construction process.

We don’t fault builders for this, but we see an opportunity to help home owners find these issues while their 1 year warranties are still active. This way, all possible problems can be mitigated before the builder moves on to the next project.

Having a full inspection report gives you as a homeowner leverage to encourage the builder to fix these items properly and timely.

What Is Inspected?

The sections of the home that are inspected during this service are as follows:

  1. Lots and Ground
  2. Exterior Surfaces
  3. Roof and Attic
  4. Electrical Systems
  5. Heating and Cooling Systems
  6. Plumbing Systems
  7. Interior Conditions
  8. Appliance Functionality
  9. Sprinkler Systems (During Summer)

The Cycle of New Construction Inspections

We offer inspections for each stage of new construction home building. Pick and choose or pick all three for maximum  quality control and peace of mind.

1. Pre-Drywall Inspection

An inspection of the exposed building elements before construction is completed.

2. New Construction Inspection

Standard Home Inspection performed before closing on the property and moving in.

3. One Year Warranty Inspection

An inspection of your home right before the 1 year builder warranty expires to find final repair items.

Serving the greater front range:

Having so many ASHI certified inspectors on our team allows us to cover a huge service area.

If your home is in the greater Denver area, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Parker, Aurora, Boulder, Westminster or anywhere in between, we have got you covered.

Sample Reports

Pre-Drywall Inspections have a very different report than our typical home inspection. Although it uses the same format, the content will be very different. However, we highlight all the major systems of a home with our report template. View a sample report here.

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One Year Warranty Inspection Pricing

Simple pricing to ensure the best value.

Home Size:

0-3000 sqft

ONLY $295

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Home Size:

Over 3000+ sqft

ONLY $350

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