Introducing Our Brand New Home Inspection Report

Welcome to the future. Browser-based, interactive reports with full resolution images, simple navigation, and built-in repair tools. All at the tips of your fingers.

  • Access your report with any device

    Online access makes it easy to view your report wherever you are and makes it easy to share your inspection report with others.

  • Easy navigation

    Easily view the report section by section with the left navigation bar. Defects and repair items are clearly marked and fully interactive.

  • Focus on what’s important

    Use the Summary view to create a simple list of recommended action items that need attention. This view removes all the informational items.

Add-On Inspections Consolidated Into One Inspection Report

All your add-on inspections are included in the same report. No more shuffling through multiple PDFs and documents. Whether you ordered a sewer scope, radon test, pest inspection, or a water quality test, you can find them all on the left navigation bar.

Watch a video walkthrough of our inspection sample report:

In the video below, we explain some of the best features that our digital reports have to offer: Simple navigation, defect content blocks, full-size images, and the repair request builder.