Introducing Our Brand New Home Inspection Report

Welcome to the future. Browser-based, interactive reports with full resolution images, simple navigation, and built-in repair tools. All at the tips of your fingers.

  • Access your report with any device

    Online access makes it easy to view your report wherever you are and makes it easy to share your inspection report with others.

  • Easy navigation

    Easily view the report section by section with the left navigation bar. Defects and repair items are clearly marked and fully interactive.

  • Focus on what’s important

    Use the Summary view to create a simple list of recommended action items that need attention. This view removes all the informational items.

Add-On Inspections Consolidated Into One Inspection Report

All your add-on inspections are included in the same report. No more shuffling through multiple PDFs and documents. Whether you ordered a sewer scope, radon test, pest inspection, or a water quality test, you can find them all on the left navigation bar.

Watch a video walkthrough of our inspection sample report:

In the video below, we explain some of the best features that our digital reports have to offer: Simple navigation, defect content blocks, full-size images, and the repair request builder. 

See our inspection reports for yourself!

Follow the link below to view one of our sample reports. We are sure you will find them easy to read and user-friendly. Try it out on your phone, tablet, or your computer.

View Sample Report
Rental inspection report

Create repair request lists

Use our built-in repair request list tool within our digital reports to help you create lists of selected defects found during your home inspection.

Automatically generate a custom repair list that you can share with the seller’s agent, maintenance manager, or with a contractor for a quote. Pick and choose which concerns you want on the repair list, add your own notes and instructions, then view, download, text or email a report directly from your browser.

Even more features:

  • Cloud-based reports

    Send the report link to anyone on any device. Never have to download anything.

  • Full resolution images

    Click on any image to zoom and view a full-size image. See the whole picture of what might need repair.

  • Overview sections

    The overview section under each category shows what was inspected and general information items that were found.

  • Easily accessible attachments

    Attachments from lab test and more can easily be viewed from the report itself.

  • Repair recommendation callouts

    Under each defect, there will be a callout text recommending what type of contractor or repair professional is needed.

  • Location tags on each item

    Each item will have a location tag telling you where the picture or defect is located.

All this plus high-quality customer service!

Schedule your inspection online today. Make your buying and property management process as simple and easy as possible with our modern inspection reports, easy scheduling, and ASHI-certified inspectors. 

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