Water Quality Testing.

Test your water for common and harmful chemicals, metals and bacteria.

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What’s In Your Water?

Tap water quality in homes has become a growing, nationwide issue. There has been a growing awareness in America that what is coming out of a kitchen sink may not be as safe as once thought. There are many substances that can be found in tap water that can be harmful to yourself and your family. Water quality testing is the only way to know what is in your tap water.

After the Flint, Michigan water crisis, lead testing within municipality drinking water has become a common occurrence. While this may have been triggered by a series of events, there is still a danger of lead contamination across the country. It is estimated the water supplied to almost 10 million homes in America runs through older lead supply pipes at some point in the delivery process. These pipes may not be on your property so a water test is required. The EPA also states that “homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes, fixtures, and solder.” Read more on their site about lead safety here.

There are many consumer-grade filtration systems available to the public, but awareness is the first step. This is why all of us at Scott Home Services found it very important to add a water quality testing service. There is no better time to test the water than before you move in. Water quality testing will give you the information needed to make an informed purchasing decision, give you actionable information to mitigate the water, or just give peace of mind that your drinking water is safe.

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Water Quality Testing – What We Test For

Lead is a metal commonly found in older water piping materials that can have harmful side effects when consumed.

Copper piping is a very popular water supply pipe material. However, similar to lead, heightened levels of copper in drinking water can have adverse health effects.

Chlorine is used by water treatment facilities to clear the water of bacteria before it comes to your home. However, the level of chlorine needs to be reduced before it gets to your tap. In rare cases, the levels are not reduced sufficiently. Also, if levels are too low, then there could be the potential for bacteria to survive in your water.

Hardness of water is caused by dissolved magnesium and calcium ions. These minerals can build up on fixtures and surfaces in your home. Our water test can help determine the hardness level.

Total Dissolved Solids, also known as TDS, are inorganic compounds that are found in water such as salts, heavy metals and some traces of organic compounds that are dissolved in water. Elevated levels have been known to cause adverse side effects when consumed.

This is a measure of where the water falls on a scale from acidic (low pH) to alkaline (high pH). The acidity of water (low ph) can result in increased corrosion to the plumbing pipes and fixtures in your home, while high pH can cause a bitterness of taste and can reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine in the water.

The alkalinity of water is a measure of its capacity to resist or neutralize acid. In general, alkalinity in water comes from calcium carbonate (CaC03) that is introduced as the water is leached through soil or rock, or from acid rain or snow. Alkalinity is an important consideration in the treatment of water because it influences the cleaning process.

All of the above tests are included in our water quality testing add-on and the stand-alone test. Results are provided onsite. 
**Our test kits currently do not test for specific chemicals that are found in underground well-supplied homes such as Nitrates and Coliform. Because of this, we do not recommend our tests as a stand-alone well water test service.**

Our Water Quality Testing Equipment

  • EPA approved portable testing devices.
  • Reagent based water testing.
  • Digital readout for accurate measurements.
  • Onsite results – no waiting for labs.

How Is A Water Test Performed?

Our water testing technician, Woodrow, walks you through the process of a water quality test in this short, informational video.

Water Quality Testing Pricing

Water Quality Test


*When performed with a Home Inspection – normal Water Quality Testing Only pricing $200.
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