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Insulation Inspection:

An insulation inspection is usually required by every jurisdiction as part of the building process. It usually happens at rough-in before drywall, and in the past, the city inspectors have performed it. However, with the influx of new construction in the Colorado area, some cities departments are moving to a third party insulation inspection system to keep up with demand.

The known list of areas that require this inspection are as follows:

  • Boulder
  • Boulder County
  • Commerce City

Insulation Inspections are very straightforward. One of our inspectors will visit the site to verify grade 1 insulation install in the home prior to drywall. We will check that the insulation levels meet the code requirements for the specific IECC year that house was permitted under, or we will match the insulation levels to your HERS or REScheck model.

The purpose of an Insulation Inspection:

  • Verify the installed insulation levels in a home meet the code requirements necessary prior to drywalling/wall covering.
  • Verify there is no missing voids or gaps in the thermal parameter of the home.

Upon completion of an insulation inspection, we will send you a letter of certification that a 3rd party inspector verified the insulation levels. We will also keep photos on hand for any future verification needed.

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Insulation Inspection Pricing

Insulation Inspection

  • Discounts available for smaller additions and multi-units.

Insulation Inspection from Scott Home Inspection:

  • Conducted separately or as part of a HERS rating
  • Trained Specialists educated on energy code compliance.
  • Same Day Report Delivery
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