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City of Boulder Rental License Inspections

Licensed SmartRegs and Rental License Inspector

Scott Home Inspection is licensed and certified to perform all facets of the Boulder Rental License Inspections and SmartRegs Inspections for the City of Boulder.

Whether you are in need of a new Baseline Inspection, a Renewal License Inspection, and/or a SmartRegs Inspection, we are able to perform all of these inspections for you. Inspection reports are provided on the same day that the services are performed.

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Boulder City Inspection Services

  • Baseline (New) Rental License Inspections (including Safety and Mechanical)
  • Renewal License Inspections
  • Boulder SmartRegs Inspections
  • Dark Sky Lighting Compliance

Rental License Inspections

Our company is licensed by the city of Boulder to perform Baseline Rental License Inspections, and Renewal Inspections. We have multiple inspectors on staff trained for this specialty inspection, which makes scheduling a breeze.


SmartRegs Inspections

Boulder’s SmartRegs program is a requirement to bring rental properties in the city up to a baseline energy efficiency rating. Our energy specialists can perform these inspections, and help make a plan if the unit does not pass.


Dark Sky Lighting Requirements

To comply with the rental license requirements, rental properties in Boulder must meet the cities outdoor lighting requirements. Our inspectors are able to provide an outdoor lighting certification on single family and multi-family properties.


Duct Leakage and Blower Door Testing

If you are short on SmartRegs points after the initial inspection, additional testing of a property can help. We offer air leakage and duct leakage testing which can help you add up to 22 points to your SmartRegs compliance.


Rental License and SmartRegs – City of Boulder Inspection Pricing.

Rental License Inspections

  • Certified to meet City of Boulder requirements
  • *Volume discounts available – call for pricing

SmartRegs Inspections

  • Certified to meet City of Boulder requirements
  • *Volume discounts available – call for pricing

Rental & SmartRegs Inspections

  • When both are performed together
  • *Volume discounts available – call for pricing

Schedule Boulder Rental License Inspections or SmartRegs Inspections today.

Call today to schedule Scott Home Inspection for your Boulder Rental License and SmartRegs inspection needs. Our inspectors are prompt and courteous, and provide the reports on the same day as the inspection. We offer competitive pricing and discounts for multiple unit housing and combined services.

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Learn More About The Rental License Inspection Program

The boulder rental license program is very unique in nature, and many people have questions about how it all works. We did our best to write informative articles explaining the requirements below.

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City of Boulder Outdoor Lighting Ordinance: How This Will Affect Rental Licensing

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