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Chris Kimmel worked as an Associate Home Inspector for two years, handling numerous services including sewer scope inspections, pest inspections, mold air sample testing, radon testing, and water quality testing. Chris now works with Scott Home Inspection as a Content Writing Specialist.

Air Barrier Inspections in Larimer County, Colorado

By |2022-11-16T16:20:47-07:00November 15th, 2022|Blower Door Testing, Duct Leakage Testing, Energy Code Info|

If you are a contractor, builder or architect in Larimer County, CO, you are probably aware that the area has adopted the 2021 International Residential Code (IRC). This is a series of rules established by the International Code Council (ICC) to which all new residential building projects must adhere. As of March 2022, several [...]

Damaged Thermal Seals: Why Your Windows Are Cloudy

By |2022-11-09T14:28:25-07:00November 9th, 2022|Back to Basics|

We've all been there. Your window looks a little cloudy, so you grab a cloth and give it a wipe down. But despite the wiping, the cloudiness remains. So you open the window and give it a wipe on the other side - still no luck. What's going on? The fact is that this [...]

Combustion Closet Rules for Rental License Inspections

By |2022-10-27T10:01:17-06:00October 27th, 2022|Back to Basics, Boulder Rental License, Denver Rental License, HVAC, Rental Property Inspection|

Furnaces and water heaters are key elements in any Colorado home. However, being that they are combustion appliances, they can pose safety and health hazards if not configured properly. One of the most common practices in the residential setting is to have these appliances installed in a combustion closet. When it comes to Denver [...]

Radon Mitigation Systems in New Construction

By |2022-10-13T12:12:43-06:00October 13th, 2022|Radon Info|

If you are a Colorado resident, you are likely aware of the dangerous, radioactive gas, radon. It is prevalent in many CO regions, and prolonged exposure to it can cause serious health issues. Radon mitigation systems are the best way to keep toxic levels of radon to a minimum in the residential setting. That's [...]

Lawn Sprinkler Winterization

By |2022-10-05T11:23:24-06:00October 5th, 2022|Back to Basics|

Fall is finally here! For Coloradans, that means leaves changing colors, corn mazes, football games, seasonal pies and more. It also means that that cold CO weather is on its way back. As homeowners, it is important to be prepared and protect your property from the often times harsh weather. For those who own [...]

Electrical Issues That Can Fail a Rental License Inspection

By |2022-09-28T19:37:29-06:00September 28th, 2022|Boulder Rental License, Denver Rental License, Rental Property Inspection|

If you are a property manager or rental property owner in Boulder or Denver, you likely know a thing or two about rental licenses. The city of Boulder has required rental licensing for quite some time. And the city of Denver is following in its neighbor's footsteps, making rental licensing mandatory by January 2024 [...]

Industry Partner Spotlight: Corinna Bolton Fieger with Colorado Home Realty

By |2022-09-19T11:14:35-06:00September 22nd, 2022|Agent Spotlight|

Corinna Bolton Fieger is a real estate agent based in the Denver area. She combines her years of experience in the housing industry with her extensive background as an educator to provide a top notch buying or selling experience to all of her clients.

Explaining U-Factors and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients For Windows and Doors

By |2022-09-19T11:03:12-06:00September 19th, 2022|HERS Ratings, Uncategorized|

In today's day and age, with expenses and bills around every corner, we're all looking for ways to cut costs. If you are a homeowner, you know that your monthly bills to keep the house going have been steadily increasing over time. One of our biggest burdens are those costly heating and cooling bills. [...]

Do I Need a Sewer Scope Inspection On a New House?

By |2022-09-08T13:46:18-06:00September 8th, 2022|Sewer Scope Info|

So you've finally found your dream house. It's a brand new home with the latest and greatest materials and finishes. After your standard home inspection, you might think you're in the clear to close on the deal. You probably don't need to inspect the sewer line because, after all, it is brand new. Right? [...]

Why Are Egress Windows So Important?

By |2022-10-27T12:14:27-06:00August 17th, 2022|Denver Rental License|

Update: As of October 25, 2022, the egress rules have changed for residential rental license requirements in the city of Denver. Please refer to the egress section of  the Residential Rental Program Guidebook for the updated guidelines. Though some of the egress requirements now differ for Denver rental properties, the article below [...]

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