Infra-Red Scanning Add-On Service

Missing Ceiling Insulation

Scott Home Inspection is able to perform Infra-Red scanning of the home, during a standard home inspection.

Infra-Red Scanning Add-On

When buying a home, in addition to the standard home inspection, we can perform IR scans of the home, in an effort to detect moisture issues that may not be detectable with a standard visual inspection.

Moisture Issues – during the scanning of the home, potential moisture issues or hidden leaks may be detectable that would otherwise not be seen with a visual review. If areas of moisture are detected, a moisture meter can be used to verify the concern, prompting a recommendation for further evaluation.

Hidden Roof Leaks – the roof sheathing in the attic can be scanned, looking for wet areas or potential leak areas that also may not otherwise be visually detectable.

Air Running Across ceiling in KitchenInfra-red technology is not without limitations, and is not perfect. The images presented need to be interpreted, and often further investigation is needed to verify the findings. The technology does not see through walls, but merely displays the surface temperature of the area being scanned. However, wet areas usually tend to be colder.

As a tool available to a home inspector, infra-red technology provides another unique way to inspect a home. When combined with the experience of home systems and building science, and the knowledge of how to interpret the images being displayed, IR scanning can aid the home inspector in finding potentially hidden concerns.