REScheck Report IECC Compliance

Date Published: June 5, 2017

Preparing a REScheck Report is one method for validating compliance with the IECC Building Code (International Energy Compliance Code).  This report can be performed on new construction homes, remodels or additions.  The REScheck calculation method allows a designer or builder to consider trade-offs of building material specifications, such as insulation and window specs, giving an alternate path to compliance and not having to meet every specification required by the prescriptive tables. This results in greater flexibility on a project – when one component far exceeds minimum requirements, a builder can reduce specifications on other items.

Here are a few examples of a need for a RESCheck Report:

As a builder you may have the desire to maintain 2×4 framing on above grade walls; the use of larger windows that can’t meet the minimum U-factor requirements; or the need to provide alternate solutions for areas that can’t achieve the minimum insulation requirements without costly foam insulation.  Under scenarios like this, performing a REScheck calculation is a way to show compliance with the IECC while maintaining the desired window or insulation values.

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So how does it work?

The REScheck software performs a ‘U-factor’ x ‘Area’ (UA) calculation on each assembly entered.  The total building UA is then calculated and compared within the software to an identical building that just meets basic code levels.  If the building being analyzed has a lower total heat loss calculation, as compared to the code minimum house, then compliance is achieved.

A report is prepared that is submitted with your other permit documents, validating compliance.  In Colorado, each local municipality is on a different code level, and some have unique amendments that need to be met.  Working with an energy-efficiency and IECC specialist is helpful to ensure you meet the required compliance for your area.

At Scott Home Inspection, our staff of energy code specialists include HERS Raters and Manual J/D Report Specialists.  We can perform REScheck reports from plans allowing you to focus on what you do best – designing and building homes.  We have performed hundreds of REScheck calculations and we can prepare a stand-alone report, or combine it with a Manual J/D Load Calculation Report.  If you want maximum flexibility on all facets of a project, we can upgrade to a full HERS rating.  We also perform Blower-Door Testing and Duct Leakage Testing where required for IECC Compliance.

As certified home inspectors and energy efficiency specialists, Scott Home Inspection is your one-stop-shop for support of your residential new construction, remodel or addition project.  Give us a call and ask us about special pricing for the first REScheck Report we perform for your team! For more information or to schedule a report visit our REScheck Report Services page of our website.

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About the Author: George Scott

George founded Scott Home Inspection in 2006, and has grown the business into a multi-inspector firm serving the Colorado Front Range, from Fort Collins down to Colorado Springs. As an ASHI Certified Home Inspector and Certified Energy Rater, George is an excellent resource to help with inspection and energy-related requirements.

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    Alex Sanchez November 18, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    Where does one get the R, UA, SGRC and U values when using the Rescheck Software?
    I know that some are obtained from the Windows being used. But what about doors? I am am performing an analysis on the insulation reuirements for an Architect that is building a home.

    • George Scott November 19, 2017 at 11:14 am

      Either the architect or contractor specifies what they will be using for R-values and window specs, or you can go by code minimums based upon the required IECC code level.

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