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Loveland Building Code: Explaining the New Performance Path Amendment

On June 1, 2023, the city of Loveland, CO officially adopted the 2021 IECC and implemented some specific amendments. One of the most significant changes has to do with energy compliance evaluation. In the past, builders were allowed to utilize a prescriptive path to make sure their project was code-compliant. However, the updated Loveland [...]

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Limited Inspection Items During The Winter

Being a Colorado home inspection company means sometimes going head to head with Mother Nature. Even though we get 300 days of beautiful sunshine (on average), we also receive our fair share of cold and snowy days. While it is always our goal to conduct inspections that are as thorough as possible, it is [...]

Radon Testing For Multi-Family Buildings

With the CO Senate Bill 23-206 now in full effect, landlords and home sellers are required to disclose information about radon to the tenant or buyer. This newly-implemented standard of practice will encourage prospective buyers/tenants to have radon testing at the property. Thus, Colorado will likely see an increase in radon testing altogether. As [...]

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Sump Pumps and Perimeter Drains: The Ultimate Guide

Water and moisture are one of the biggest threats to the exterior of a house. So it is crucial to have a solid exterior defense system to protect your home. Of course, you need a suitable roof, a good foundation and siding, and sufficient grading. But even if a home is well equipped with [...]

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Saving Money On Insulation With a HERS Rating/ERI in 2021 IECC

If you are in the building industry, you are probably no stranger to the 2021 IECC. This is the most recent iteration of the International Energy Conservation Code (at the time of this writing), and it has really tightened up certain construction requirements for newly built homes. One of its most significant changes has [...]

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How Radon Mitigation Works (Different Types Of Radon Mitigation Systems)

It's official - the CO Senate Bill 23-206 Radon Law is now in effect. This new law has been implemented to increase radon awareness and safety during real estate transactions. We predict that it will most likely lead to increased radon testing, and thus an increase in radon mitigation. To read more about CO [...]

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How To Pass A Lakewood Short-Term Rental Inspection

If you are a property manager or landlord in Lakewood, Colorado, you have likely heard that a new law has been announced pertaining to short-term rental (STR) properties. Set to go into effect on September 1, 2023, this new law will require all STRs to be licensed. Properties must be assessed by a qualified [...]

Home Inspections in Wheat Ridge CO

About Wheat Ridge Wheat Ridge, Colorado is a relatively small suburb located just northwest of the Denver metro area. Like many parts of Colorado, this quaint city was originally established as a rest stop for travelers during the gold rush in the 1850s. As travelers began to settle, they started to realize [...]

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Performing Manual J, S, & D On An Existing Home or Remodel

HVAC mechanical design is a crucial part of the building process. The IECC requires that HVAC systems must be compliant with certain guidelines in order to meet code. The industry standard for calculating proper design is set forth in three important formulas: Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D. As a company that specializes [...]

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Home Inspections in Thornton CO

About Thornton Thornton, Colorado is a thriving city located about ten miles north of the Denver metro area. Straddling both Adams and Weld county, it is the 6th most populous city in Colorado. It was founded in 1952, and the community has seen lots of growth throughout the subsequent years. Fast forward [...]

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