The Top 12 New Construction Home Defects

You may think that purchasing a brand new home would mean that you don’t have to worry about defects or quality issues – but new construction defects are more common than you might think. Builders subcontract out most of the work when it comes to large building sites. All that coordination and in and out [...]

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Stone Veneer Problems: The inside story to manufactured stone siding

Popular and attractive, but not without its issues, Manufactured Stone Veneer, or Siding Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer, is a thin siding, manufactured from molded concrete, to mimic the look of natural rocks and stone. Designed to be installed over wood framing, stone veneer can give a modern look to any home. However, stone veneer problems [...]

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Key Traits Every Home Inspector Should Have (What to look for in a home inspector)

A home inspector is one of your greatest allies when you are ready to purchase a home. He or she can help you identify issues with a home that need to be addressed or repaired, before you close on the deal. This is why it’s important to choose a highly-qualified, professional and trustworthy home inspector. [...]

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Roof Leaks: The Consequences Of Deferring Repair

One of the most costly problems that can face any homeowner is deferring repair of a roof leak. Your roof is one of the most expensive – and important – parts of your home. It is responsible for preventing water from leaking into your attic, walls, and much more. If it fails and you do [...]

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Home Inspector Tools Of The Trade – What We Use And What They Do 

If you’ve ever hired a home inspector and were present for the inspection, you may have looked at his/her tool bag with interest.  Inspectors carry and use all sorts of useful gadgets.  The right tools are necessary for conducting a thorough, top-to-bottom inspection of a home. In this article, we’ll discuss this subject in detail, [...]

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When Is Duct Leakage Testing Required In Colorado?

You may have heard of a duct leakage test in Colorado, and you might be wondering if it is required for your new home. In this article, we’ll discuss the test, when it is required, how it is performed, and what you’ll need to do to pass. Let’s get started. Understanding When Duct Leakage Testing [...]

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New Construction Blower Door Testing Checklist

New Construction Blower door testing? What is it? Many builders have asked us for a blower door testing checklist in order to prepare themselves for the test. We hope to answer these questions below. Many Cities and Counties along the Front Range require that the overall air infiltration of a new construction residence be [...]

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Types Of Asbestos: The Ultimate Guide for Residential Homes

Asbestos is a hot topic when buying older homes. It can be hidden, it can be expensive to mitigate, and is present in many building materials in houses built prior to the 90s. Plus there are many different types of building materials that contain asbestos. Because of this, we decided to write this asbestos guide [...]

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Why does my house have ice dams?

Every climate type poses its own set of challenges to overcome.  In a cold weather climate, where snow and ice are common, it is not unusual to see icicles hanging from the eaves of a home.  If you are interested in the well being of your house, it is worth your time to understand how [...]

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What Is An HVAC Load Calculation?

“It is so hot in this bedroom.” “The heat runs all the time and it is still cold in here.” “It always feels so humid in this house.”  “The furnace is only ten years old, how can it need replacing already?” These are phrases heard all too often and all could point to an improperly [...]

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