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Mold Air Sample Testing

During a general home inspection of a house, we typically rely on what we can visually see and observe.  And while we can often see signs of moisture damage or mold, we can't know what amount of mold may be present in the air when no visual indication of concerns are present.  Performing mold air [...]

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Blower Door Test Common Air Leaks

Understanding where to locate and seal blower door test common air leaks is important to ensure that a new construction home will meet the stringent requirements of the IECC and IRC code for maximum air leakage rates. Scott Home Inspection has performed hundreds of blower door tests on new residential homes, remodel-addition projects, and as [...]

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AC Unit Frozen Coil

AC working overtime... One of the more frequent service calls for HVAC technicians this hot time of year is an AC unit frozen coil above the furnace. Once the coil is frozen, the air flow through the system becomes blocked, and the house will not cool down. The condensate drain system can overflow and leaks [...]

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REScheck Report IECC Compliance

Preparing a REScheck Report is one method for validating compliance to the IECC Building Code (International Energy Compliance Code).  This report can be performed on new construction homes, remodels or additions.  The REScheck calculation method allows a designer or builder to consider trade-offs of building material specifications, such as insulation and window specs, giving an [...]

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Home Energy Efficiency Steps

Ten Steps to Home Energy Efficiency Saving energy, improving comfort, and reducing energy bills are all things any homeowner should want to do.  Home Energy Efficiency improvements shouldn't be hard.  There are steps you can take to improve the systems and features of your home that will incrementally result in energy efficiency gains.  At Scott [...]

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Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing – IECC-2012 and 2015 Requirement: Starting with the 2012-IECC energy code and continuing in IECC-2015, blower door testing is now a mandatory requirement on all new construction residential homes. What is a blower door test? A blower door is a device used to measure the exact air-tightness of a home.  In the [...]

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Brick Chimney Common Problems

Older homes with brick chimneys are a subject of concern during a home inspection. These days, if a home has a true brick chimney, then you can be sure it is likely a pretty old home. Brick chimneys have almost entirely been replaced with metal flue piping. However, old brick chimneys have a certain charm [...]

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Turn Up The Heat! Fall is Here. Is Your Furnace Ready?

The days are getting shorter and shorter and the colors on the leaves are changing. Most importantly, your house is starting to get colder and you may be thinking about kicking that furnace back on. If so, now is the perfect time to do some routine maintenance to make sure you and your family are [...]

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