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2020 Inspection Highlights and Fails

Last year, we created our first annual home inspection fails blog. We combined a bunch of funny / wow / unbelievable photos our team of inspectors captured over the year. This time around we are adding in some positives as well. Some fun finds that pop up when you are exploring the wonderful world of [...]

Property Management Tips From One Colorado Property Manager To Another

This is a guest post by Owen at Blue Mountain Real Estate & Property Management. Learn more about his company here. Property Management Tips From One Colorado Property Manager To Another Owning and managing properties are two different things. While anyone can own an investment property in the state of Colorado, not anyone can manage [...]

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Roofing Materials and Structure – How It Works

The roof over your head is an especially important aspect of the overall performance of your house. A properly installed and maintained roof and attic system are key components that prevent moisture intrusion, manage water from roof runoff, and promote good energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Much like a crawlspace, an attic space can [...]

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2020 City of Boulder Energy Conservation Code Explained! (COBECC 2020) [Video]

The 2020 City of Boulder Energy Conservation Code is here, what does that mean? The City of Boulder Energy Conservation Code (COBECC 2020) was adopted in July of 2020. As Boulder states on its website, "The city updates our energy code on a three-year cycle with the goal of attaining net-zero energy, outcome-verified code by 2031 [...]

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R22 Refrigerant and Your Old AC Unit

Home appliance technology changes over time. This can be easily seen in the difference between current washing machines or refrigerators and the ones we had when we were growing up. However, some of these changes are more subtle but can still affect us in sometimes costly ways. One example of this is the refrigerant in [...]

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Do You Pay For A Home Inspection Out Of Pocket?

Ask Your Inspector Series: Question: Do You Pay For A Home Inspection Out Of Pocket? Answer: Generally, you as a buyer pay for the home inspection as you want the information of the report to be in your best interest. In uncommon situations, your agent may offer to pay for your inspection [...]

Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Electrical Panels – The Full Story

Federal Pacific Stab Lok electrical panels have a known history of failure and lawsuits. We are always on the lookout for these panels during our inspections and we recommend a full panel replacement when found.

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Duct Pressure Testing Overview For Builders [Video]

  Is A Duct Pressure Test Required On Your Next Project? Energy codes may have changed in your area, and the city and county you are building in may now require a duct pressure test on your HVAC system. Although this test has been utilized for a while, many areas of Colorado are adopting newer [...]

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Why Does My House Need Ventilation? (Home Ventilation Basics)

Houses are complex structures with many installed systems working simultaneously to produce a safe and comfortable living space. Proper home ventilation is the key to good indoor air quality. While it may be easy to focus on the things that you see, like natural light through windows and paint colors, the comfort of a house [...]

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Do home inspectors give repair estimates?

Ask Your Inspector Series: Question: After a home inspection is performed, do home inspectors give repair estimates to the buyer? Answer: Home inspector's are an independent 3rd party and typically do not quote repairs and these numbers can be inaccurate. It is best that you and your real estate agent receive quotes [...]