How Do Whole House Fans Work? The Pros and Cons

Whole house fans are still commonly found at our home inspections they come in a few different varieties. While most of them are very old units, many of them are still in working condition. There are also newer versions which we see on occasion as Colorado has a decent climate for a whole house fan [...]

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What is included in the IECC Code?

We are often asked by builders, contractors, and architects - what is included in the IECC Code?  Understanding code content is critical to building and designing homes.  And yet so many people don't completely understand the content of the IECC Code.  Reading codebooks from cover to cover seems to be a daunting task.  Most contractors [...]

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Why Are Some Outlets Installed Upside Down?

Ask Your Inspector Series: Question: Why are some outlets installed upside down? Answer: Electricians use this standard practice to indicate which outlets are controlled by a wall switch that a light or lamp can be plugged into. Why are some outlets installed upside down? This is one of the most [...]

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How To Pass A Denver Rental License Inspection

The Denver Rental License program is slowly phasing into 2022. The city recently released its checklist and inspection guidebook which all the inspectors in the city will be using when performing this service. The program is robust and requires the inspector to check many areas of a rental unit for health and safety concerns. [...]

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IECC 2021 and the City of Louisville’s Adoption

City of Louisville adopts IECC 2021 and its Net Zero Appendix The latest and most challenging energy codes have been released by the International Code Council and their IECC 2021 codes.  While the vast majority of Colorado’s Cities and Counties have adopted one iteration of the IECC or another, ranging from IECC 2009 to IECC [...]

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Should You Attend the Home Inspection

One of the questions we are asked on a regular basis by home buyers is "Should you attend the home inspection?" For our pre-purchase home inspections, we highly recommend that all buyers attend and engage with the inspector to understand the condition of the home.  There are a number of reasons this is helpful and [...]

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Best Places to Insulate a Home

Where are the best places to insulate a home to get the most energy savings and best comfort gains?  That question is asked in every energy audit we perform.  While this answer can vary depending on the age and the type of home, there are general solutions that apply across the board. Improvements in the [...]

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Top Electrical Issues Found at Home Inspections

During the course of our 16+ years performing home inspections, with a team of home inspectors in Colorado, we have seen a wide range of electrical issues.  And while we have written a lot of articles on specific issues, we wanted to compile the top electrical issues found at home inspections into one place. GFCI [...]

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Home Inspections In Centennial CO

About Centennial Centennial, Colorado is a suburb south of the Denver Metro area. It's well known for its close proximity to the city and to the Denver Tech Center, making it a great central location for commuting to work or downtown. Centennial is a fairly new city that was formed in 2001 [...]

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Industry Partner Spotlight: Lance Cayko (F9 Productions)

Lance Cayko is a founding partner alongside Alex Gore at F9 Productions. F9 is a young and energetic team of architectural design professionals who have been in business since 2009. In our years of working with F9, we have found that they produce the highest quality buildings and designs, don't cut corners, and deliver the highest quality service.

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