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Lakewood, CO is a large city located just west of Denver. It is considered the most populous municipality in Jefferson County. It started to develop in the late 19th century. However, it was not recognized as its own municipality until 1969.  Being such an expansive plot of land, it’s no wonder that Lakewood is home to quite a diverse array of housing, attractions and activities.

When it comes to real estate, this city has got plenty of options – from mid-century, single-family ranch style houses to brand new, modern condos.

Additionally, Lakewood caters to a wide demographic of individuals. You will find many family-friendly parks, playgrounds, hiking/biking trails etc. And for those who love to shop, Lakewood is host to premier shopping areas, such as Colorado Mills Shopping Mall and Belmar. But let’s not forget one of Lakewood’s best features of all – it is right next door to the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater!

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Lakewood Neighborhood Breakdown:

If you are interested in moving to Lakewood, it helps to learn more about its different housing, and especially what to expect during a home inspection. So let’s take a closer look.

This city has three primary regions:

Applewood – Eiber – Creighton is the area that borders Wheat Ridge and Edgewater and extends down to W Alameda Ave. Foothills – Green Mountain – Rooney Valley is the western section between highway 470 and S Kipling Pkwy that extends down to the south end of Bear Creek Lake Park. Finally, Belmar Park – Kendrick Lake – Bear Creek is the land from S Kipling to S Sheridan Blvd.

home inspection lakewood - applewood neighborhood

Applewood – Eiber – Creighton

This northern section of Lakewood is made up of homes that range over several decades. However, this area is primarily comprised of homes built in the 1950s and 1960s. You will also find a variety of enjoyable parks, thriving businesses and the popular Colorado Mills shopping center.

This area is host to a number of older neighborhoods dotted with multi-level, ranch style, and split-level homes. Most of these properties are 2 – 4 bed with attached 2-car garages.

When inspecting these types of homes, there are a number of potential concerns to pay attention for. Our inspectors will be sure to closely inspect the electrical panel and electrical wiring configuration. This is because during the mid 20th century, Federal Pacific electrical panels were very popular in the residential setting. Unfortunately, it turned out that these panels posed serious safety hazards.

Additionally, homes from the 60s are known to have aluminum wiring, which is another dangerous electrical wiring method. In both cases, our inspectors will recommend repair and/or replacement.

We will be looking carefully at all the major systems in these types of homes. Due to years of wear and tear, components such as the foundation, exterior, and roof might have potential concerns.

Any of the combustion-based devices (i.e. furnaces, boilers, water heaters) also must be maintained and functioning properly. In short, inspectors need to be on top of their game when inspecting these mid-century homes.

Foothills – Green Mountain – Rooney Valley

Moving over to the west side of Lakewood, we get to enjoy the city’s biggest parks – William F Hayden Green Mountain Park and Bear Creek Lake Park. This region is a great place if you love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, boating, swimming, paddle boarding etc.

It is in this area that you will find generally newer homes, ranging from the 1980s to brand new builds. There is also a mix of single-family homes and townhouses. Due to the prime location – proximity to a number of beautiful parks and open spaces – many of the homes in this area are relatively pricey.

Most of the townhouses around here are governed by the HOA. Before the inspection, we always recommend that you get familiar with the the HOA rules and inform your inspector accordingly. That way, we can conduct the inspection effectively with all the applicable HOA guidelines in mind.

When it comes to homes from the 80s, there can always a number of potential concerns. But it always helps to be aware of era-specific issues. One such issue is related to EIFS siding. EIFS stucco became very popular in the late 80s, and is still being used today as an exterior material. However, it can sometimes prove to be problematic due to installation issues and design flaws. As a result, our inspectors will always scrutinize extra carefully when EIFS is present.

Even when it comes to the brand new builds in this area of Lakewood, such as the townhouses in the up-and-coming Cadence at Solterra, we always recommend a full home inspection. During the building process, mistakes are sometimes made and issues are sometimes overlooked. That’s why it pays off to have a professional assess the residence before you buy!

home inspection lakewood - foothills neighborhood
home inspection lakewood - rooney valley neighborhood

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Belmar Park – Kendrick Lake – West Gate

These neighborhoods consist of a good mix of condos, townhouses and single-family homes, with a considerably wide range in pricing. The same can be said about the years in which these home were built. Depending on where you go, you can find houses ranging from 1950s builds all the way to homes being built as we speak (at the time of this writing)!

If you head toward the Belmar area, which is known to many as Downtown Lakewood, you will find a lot of newer homes in the surrounding areas. Condos and townhouses built in the 2000s and on are scattered around in quaint, well-maintained communities. Keep in mind that a well-maintained community usually means HOA; so make sure to be aware of any HOA rules or regulations.

When inspecting early 2000s builds, our inspectors will be double checking all heating and cooling systems. A lot of these types of devices have 20-30 year life spans. So depending on when the device was installed, it might almost be time for a replacement. Some roof materials have a similar life span, as well. If our inspectors note that any of the major systems are nearing or at the end of their life span, they will recommend further evaluation by a specialist.

A lot of the homes in this part of Lakewood are similarly aged to those in the other regions of the city. So we will be looking out be for many of the concerns mentioned in the above paragraphs. Regardless of the age of the home, we provide a thorough home inspection from exterior to interior!

home inspection lakewood - kendrick park neighborhood
home inspection lakewood - belmar neighborhood

Lakewood Home Inspections

With so many options and so many things to do, it’s not hard to believe why so many people are calling Lakewood home. With a wide range of family-friendly activities and a multitude of schools, this is a great place to raise a family.

Additionally, Lakewood sits right next to the big city. So you can commute to Denver for work or play with ease.

If you are interested in making the move to Lakewood, we encourage you to consult with your real estate agent. And when you are ready to go under contract, we hope that you will consider Scott Home Inspection for all of your inspection needs.

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