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Highlands Ranch, is a suburb situated several miles south of Denver. Though settlers began to migrate to this area over 100 years ago, the modern day community was established in 1981. So comparatively speaking, the Highlands Ranch area is still fairly young, with plenty of growth on the horizon.

This suburb is know for its beautiful parks and open spaces, extensive access to trails and recreational facilities, lots of great restaurants and breweries, and of course, a close proximity to the city.

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Highlands Ranch Neighborhood Breakdown:

When considering buying and scheduling a home inspection at a Highlands Ranch home, it helps to know the various features of its different neighborhoods. It can be broken down into three main neighborhoods.

Westridge is the territory that borders Chatfield State Park on its west side and extends eastward to South Broadway. Northridge is the area from S Broadway over to S Quebec St. Southridge is located south of Northridge. Its north border starts at Grand View Trail and it extends southward down to Daniels Park.

Home Inspection Highlands Ranch - Westridge Verona neighborhood


If you make your way to Westridge, you will find a mix of townhomes, condos, and single-family homes ranging from the 90s to the brand new builds. This area is sought after for its safe communities and closeness to Chatfield State Park. It is an ideal spot for those who enjoy top-notch camping, boating, hiking and biking.

In the northern section of Westridge, you will come across lots of brand new up-and-coming neighborhoods such as “Hunting Hill” and “Verona” (pictured above). These areas are populated with new, 2-4 bedroom townhomes.

Most, if not all, of these types of communities will be HOA run. Before conducting home inspections, we always recommend that our clients get familiar with the HOA rules of the community. This not only helps you as the potential home buyer, but it also helps us to know how to best approach the inspection.

These homes may be brand new, and seemingly flawless – but a home inspection is still highly recommended. Mistakes can still be made and things can sometimes be overlooked.

Moving more southward, we start to see some bigger, pricier single-family homes. These will generally be multi-level, 4-6 bedroom, with two-car garages.

For 90s homes, our inspectors know to keep an eye out for certain specific items. One such item is EIFS siding. This is a type of stucco siding that was especially popular in the 80s and 90s, and has proven to cause potential moisture issues. During standard inspections, we keep a close eye on the exterior for any EIFS-related issues.

We will also be paying close attention to the major systems (furnaces, water heaters, roofs etc.) of these homes, as they will be approaching the end of their lifespans. These types of systems generally have life spans of 20-30 years. So depending on when the home was built, we may start to see the need for replacements or updates.


If you make you way eastward from Westridge, you will find yourself in Northridge. This place has no shortage of beautiful, family-friendly parks such as Northridge Park and Sand Creek Park. It is also home to the famous and historic Highlands Ranch Mansion. Additionally, Northridge is a short distance to the Denver Tech Center, making it a great location for those who commute to the city for work.

You will mainly find single-family homes sprinkled throughout quaint neighborhoods. The majority of houses in Northridge were built from the 80s to the 00s.

During inspections, the items mentioned in the Westridge section above will generally apply to Northridge, as well. However, with a lot more homes from the 1980s, Northridge homes may have potential issues uniques to that era.

For instance, our inspectors will be putting the microscope on the electrical configuration in these homes. This is because Federal Pacific Electrical Panels were commonly used during the 80s. These panels turned out to be fire hazards. As a result, our inspectors will always call these panels out for replacement.

Plumbing is also a key item for homes of this era. Our inspectors will be observing the supply and drain lines (where visible), making note of any potential concerns. It’s also never a bad idea to take a look inside the pipes. We offer sewer scope inspections, which involves running a camera through the sewer line to inspect from the home to main city line (or septic tank). We always recommend this service, as you never know what’s going on with that underground piping – especially in older homes!

Home Inspection Highlands Ranch - Northridge multi family
home inspection highlands ranch - northridge neighborhood

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If we move south from Northridge, below the scenic Grand View Trail, we end up in Southridge. Much like its bordering neighborhoods, this region also offers access to plenty of family-friendly parks, open spaces, playgrounds, and recreational areas.

You will find a lot of bigger 4-6 bedroom, single-family homes in Southridge neighborhoods. Many of these homes were constructed in the early to mid 2000s.

During inspections, we will be paying attention for era-specific features such as EIFS siding (similar to Northridge and Westridge). For some of these early 2000s homes, major systems such as furnaces, water heaters, boilers etc. could be reaching the end of their lives, as well.

There are also some potential issues that are specific to Front Range region of CO, where Highlands Ranch is located. For instance, radon gas is very prevalent throughout Colorado. And if you are interested in buying a home in this area, we recommend testing for radon levels.

The beautiful open spaces of South Ridge (and the rest of Highlands Ranch) also happen to be in a region that is particularly susceptible to hail storms. This is why our inspectors always thoroughly inspect the roofs, even on new builds!

With such close proximity to nature, houses in the Southridge region are also at risk of pest infestations. This is why we offer our specialized pest inspection service. During this inspection, a certified pest inspector puts a fine-toothed comb on the entire property, in search of any signs of pest-related concerns. This is definitely one service to consider if you are moving to Highlands Ranch.

home inspection highlands ranch - southridge neighborhood
home inspection highlands ranch - southridge neighborhood

Highlands Ranch Home Inspections

With its well-planned neighborhoods and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, it’s no surprise that Highlands Ranch consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in Colorado.

If you are someone who likes the best of both worlds – access to amazing outdoor activities, paired with an easy commute to the big city – Highlands Ranch could be the ideal spot for you!

If you are going under contract and in need of an inspection in the Highlands Ranch area, we have got you covered! Here at Scott Home Inspection, a division of Scott Home Services, LLC, it is our priority to help families live in safe, healthy, and comfortable homes. 

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