Home Inspection Fails of 2019

Date Published: September 20, 2019

Although we typically post informative articles or industry updates, we thought we would share some of the fun parts of our job as well. Our inspectors look at hundreds of houses a month, and we run into some of the most bizarre issues you could imagine. Here are some of the best home inspection fails of this year.

The ol’ spray can plug

On a one-year warranty inspection, our inspector, Brett, found a surprise on the roof. A plumbing vent was blocked by something out of place…


Clearly this plumber missed his mark on the vent pipe and didn’t bother to fix the mistake. Not only does this leave a poor seal for water to leak into the attic, but now the plumbing system is vented into the attic which can cause issues as well.

Home inspection fails. Missing the vent

Here is a look from the inside.

Watch where you dig…

During a sewer scope inspection on a fairly new home, our scope tech, Woodrow, found a surprise in the sewer line. A large piece of rebar had been driven through the sewer line.

This called for immediate repair on a line that otherwise had no issues. You never know what’s going on underground. To see more sewer scope issues, click here.

Rebar found within a sewer line during a sewer scope inspection

Fuzzy friends

We run into a lot of animals during inspections. Some run-ins are closer than we would like them to be, but they all make for a good story. We are always sure to snap a picture when possible.

Looks like the attic of this home may need a replacement screen to keep the animals out, but this squirrel has found a comfortable spot to hang out for now.

There’s a BAT! Bats in the attic are somewhat common, but they always give you a scare when you see them. This one, however, appears to be minding his own business.

Home inspection fails. Mouse in the breaker.

Ouch. What a way to go out. 150 amps of bZzzzzzZzz. The mouse will definitely need to be removed from the main breaker of this panel before any issues arise. However, looks like the mouse has some issues of his own.

Want to see another fuzzy friend found on the job? Click here.

Almost nailed it