Do home inspectors give repair estimates?

Date Published: March 9, 2020

Question: After a home inspection is performed, do home inspectors give repair estimates to the buyer?

Answer: Home inspector’s are an independent 3rd party and typically do not quote repairs and these numbers can be inaccurate. It is best that you and your real estate agent receive quotes from the recommended repair professionals.

Think of a home inspector as a general physician performing a physical exam for a patient.  The role of the general physician is to assess the overall health of the patient.  If specific concerns are noted that need further action or review, a referral to a specialist is done.

The same is true for home inspectors.  Our role isn’t to provide repair estimates for all the things we find during our inspection, but instead, we make you aware of all the issues observed, and where we can give you solid repair recommendations, we do.  However, at times we may need to refer you to a specialist for further evaluation.

So that’s the short answer, but why don’t home inspectors give repair estimates?

Home Inspectors are not Contractors

While many home inspectors have a background as a contractor or builder, once they enter the inspection industry the vast majority stop performing contract work and focus on inspecting only.  The value this brings to the consumer is in receiving the opinion of a person with experience in the home construction industry, but also the separation and removal of any conflict of interest that could arise when an inspector is