2023 Inspection Fails and Highlights

Date Published: December 7, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at some of the fails, highlights and all-around anomalies we have seen this year. Our company handles a large number of home inspections and rental inspections across the CO Front Range. So naturally, our inspectors are going to come across some eye-opening things from time to time. Let’s dive in!

Pests In The Panel

inspection fails - rodent droppings located in electric panelinspection fails - rodent droppings located in electric panel

One of our inspectors came across this electrical panel during a routine Denver rental license inspection. That’s a lot of rodent droppings. Rodents like to chew, which is not a good combination with electrical wires. This could lead to power outages, fire hazards, or even electrocution. You better evict those furry neighbors asap!

A Definite Inspection Fail

inspection fails - no exhaust pipe detached from water heaterinspection fails - no exhaust pipe attached to water heater

We have been conducting a large quantity of Denver rental inspections, so we see quite a few property defects, most of which are fairly minor. But the pictures above are a huge red flag. Water heaters configured like that will result in CO2 gas emptying into the living space. Yikes! Get those heaters properly vented NOW!

That’s One Moldy Attic

inspection fails - no ventilation in attic   inspection fails - no ventilation in attic

This is a great example of what happens when your attic is not ventilated properly. Look at all that mold!

Pests In the Pergola

Termites certainly had a feast on this pergola.

Interesting Shower Tiling Work

rental inspection fails - improper shower tiling

Looks like the home owner took some artistic liberties on the shower tiling. Interesting choice in material, but not sure if it’s going to hold up.

A Lovely Backyard


This was from one of our rental license inspections. You can tell the tenants have a great sense of design, also a really impressive collection of beer cans.

Got Foundational Issues?

inspection fail - significant foundational damage

As you can see, this foundation has some serious stair step cracking and needs immediate evaluation.

Could Be Cleaner…


Is it just us, or could this property use a good cleaning?

Is That Supposed to be In There?

sewer inspection fails - clean out cap located inside sewer line  sewer inspection fails - clean out cap located inside sewer line

The above photos are from one of our sewer scope inspections. The cap that is supposed to close off the sewer clean out is literally inside the pipe. We’re pretty sure that’s not supposed to be in there! By the way, this was a sewer line in a 2023 home. Get those sewer lines checked out!

Subpar Clean Out Placement

Whoever installed this sewer line clean out wasn’t really thinking ahead. A clean out is supposed to allow EASY access to the sewer line – not in this case!

A Bit of Clutter

inspection fails - room is too cluttered to sufficiently inspect

As you can see, this homeowner was an avid collector…of everything. It’s generally a bit harder to conduct an inspection in homes like these!

Toilet From the Future

This is a new one: an all-in-one sink/toilet combo. The sink runs as the toilet tank refills. Pretty cool!

The Wrong Vent To Seal!

inspection fails - plumbing vent sealed with a clean out cap

Are you wondering why your toilets aren’t flushing properly and why the house smells like sewage? This might just be the culprit! Keeping the main plumbing vent unobstructed is key to helping water/air flow through the plumbing and reducing odors.

Water Heater Graveyard

inspection fails - many dead insects in tankless water heater

inspection fails - many dead insects in tankless water heater

One of our inspectors opened up a tankless water heater only to discover thousands of dead winged-ants (and some yellow jackets). Well, that’s a first!

Cat Scan

Ever wonder what an infra-red scan of a cat looks like? Well, look no further.

Furry Friends

One of the best parts about doing home inspections in Colorado is meeting the occasional, curious wildlife. These are a few of our favorites from this year.

There you have it – some of the weirdest, craziest, grossest, coolest and cutest encounters our inspectors have had in 2023. Wishing you a great holiday and Happy New Year from Scott Home Services!

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About the Author: Chris Kimmel

Chris Kimmel worked as an Associate Home Inspector for two years, handling numerous services including sewer scope inspections, pest inspections, mold air sample testing, radon testing, and water quality testing. Chris now works with Scott Home Inspection as a Content Writing Specialist.

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