About Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch is small region located a few miles east of Denver. This area is characterized by open spaces, a close proximity to Denver International Airport, and lots of up-and-coming housing.

This charming place is comprised of plenty of access to outdoor activities, such as golf courses, public parks, skate parks etc. It’s also a prime location for education options, boasting 21 different schools within its boundaries. It’s no wonder that many families are eager to call this location home!

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Green Valley Ranch Neighborhood Breakdown:

Are you considering purchasing a home in the Green Valley Ranch area? Well let’s take a closer look! It is a fairly small region and can be broken down into two main sections.

Upper Green Valley Ranch is the territory located north of Green Valley Ranch Blvd up to E 56th Ave. Lower Green Valley Ranch is everything below GVR Blvd down to E 38th Ave.

home inspection green valley ranch - Upper Neighborhoods

Upper Green Valley Ranch Neighborhoods

Upper Green Valley Ranch is comprised mainly of multi-level, single family homes with 2-4 bedrooms and 2 car garages. The majority of these dwellings were built in the 2000s, 2010s and 2020s.

It is here that you can find lots of things to do at the Town Center Park, which is home to popular spots such as the GVR Town Center Park Amphitheater, the GVR Recreation Center, and the GVR Beer Garden. You can also enjoy some of the best golf in the city at the GVR Golf Club.

Keep in mind that, even though many of these homes are newer, it is still a wise idea to have a full home inspection before making any purchases. As a home inspection company with 10+ years of experience, we have seen most everything. And even brand new builds can have serious defects!

When examining homes from the early 2000s, one of the first things our inspectors will look for is EIFS Siding. EIFS stucco is a siding material that was used widely from the 80s through the early 00s, that unfortunately proved to have some pretty serious moisture concerns. Our inspectors will be sure to make note if they observe any EIFS-related moisture issues.

Upper GVR is a perfect place for those nature lovers, especially because the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is right next door! This beautiful refuge has plenty of hiking, biking, and driving trails, and hundreds of Colorado wildlife. But keep in mind, when wildlife is so close to home, sometimes wildlife finds its way into homes.

Pest intrusion is another big threat to the residential setting. During inspections, we are always keeping a close eye for pests. We offer a specialized pest inspection service, which involves putting a fine toothed comb over the entire premise for any signs of pest intrusion or damage. If we do come across any pest-related concerns, we will be sure to call it out and recommend the necessary steps to correct the issue.

home inspection green valley ranch - upper neighborhoods
home inspection green valley ranch - upper neighborhoods

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Lower Green Valley Ranch Neighborhoods

If you travel south of GVR Blvd, you will find yourself in the lower neighborhoods of Green Valley Ranch. The homes in this area will range from the mid 1980s through the 2000s.

Similar to its northern counterpart, Lower GVR consists primarily of single-family, multi-level homes. Most of these houses are situated in HOA-regulated neighborhoods. We always encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with HOA rules prior to their home inspection. That way the inspector will know what is and is not covered by the HOA.

When it comes to homes from the 80s, one of the biggest potential concerns is electrical panels. During that time period, Federal Pacific Electrical Panels were prominently used in residential homes. But it was soon discovered that these panels were problematic and prone to fire hazards. Needless to say, our inspectors keep a close eye out for these systems. Any of these panels noted at the time of inspection will be called out for immediate replacement.

When inspecting 80s and 90s homes, we are also paying close attention to the major systems of the home (think roofs, furnaces, water heaters etc.) A lot of these systems have life spans of 20 -30 years and might be coming up on the end of their lives right around now (at the time of this writing).

Keep in mind that Eastern Colorado is particularly vulnerable to hail damage. Our inspectors always keep this in mind when inspecting exterior roofs, windows and siding. Any signs of significant hail damage will be called out for further evaluation.

home inspection green valley ranch - lower neighborhoods
home inspection green valley ranch - lower neighborhoods

Green Valley Ranch Home Inspections

Green Valley Ranch has much to offer to so many. It’s proximity to Denver and to Denver International Airport makes it an ideal home base for those who work in the city or travel for work. It’s packed with recreational spaces, schools and safe neighborhoods, making it perfect to raise a family. Or maybe you are just an outdoor enthusiast who also likes a taste of the city life.

Whatever type of person you may be, GVR has got something great to offer. If you are considering purchasing a home in the area, we encourage you to consult with your agent for more info. And when the times comes to go under contract, we hope that you will consider Scott Home Inspection, a division of Scott Home Services.

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