If you’re working in residential construction, you need to know which Texas cities require REScheck reports to confirm your building’s adherence to energy efficiency codes in the state. Do you need REScheck reports in San Antonio? Houston? Corpus Christi?

In this article, we’ll take a look at this subject, and help you understand which Texas cities require REScheck reports for building permit submission. Let’s get started, and discuss everything that you need to know.

REScheck Is Required For Building Homes In Every City In Texas

REScheck is part of the standard permit processing procedure statewide in Texas, It can be used in any city in Texas, from Houston, to San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo – we could go on.

No matter what city you are in, you’ll need to have a REScheck report issued in order to submit a new home construction or addition to your local permit office, and to be approved for construction. No REScheck, no permit – it’s just that simple.

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What IECC Regulations Must Be Met With A REScheck In Texas?

A total of 8 states including Texas require that new homes and additions meet 2015 IECC standards, or their equivalent for energy efficiency. At a statewide level, only Washington, Oregon, California and Massachusetts have higher standards for energy efficiency as of January 2019. There are some individual areas within states that have higher energy code requirements.

Homes that use REScheck for meeting the IECC standards typically use products like insulated siding, double-glazed windows, insulation for basement walls and crawl spaces, weather-resistant coverings for slab-based floors, and other design elements that are intended to maximize energy-efficiency in the residence. For a full list of the 2015 IECC requirements, you can visit the IECC website here, and view the energy code details.

What Is REScheck?

REScheck is a software suite that is used to measure compliance to local, state, or federal energy codes for new homes, alterations, additions and more.

REScheck is designed to make it easy to comply with all required energy-efficiency regulations, and quickly determine whether or not a low-rise or single-family residence meets the code.

Essentially, REScheck requires you to input the square footage of a home, as well as the R-values of windows, doors, walls and floors. Then, your inputs are compared to the IECC standards, and if they meet the required overall energy efficiency your building will pass.

Depending on your area and the climate zone for the home location determined by the IECC, the requirements of your building may vary. Houston will have different insulation requirements compared to Corpus Christi, for example, based on IECC standards. For more information, we recommend consulting with an experienced REScheck professional.

What Happens If I Don’t Pass?

If you do not pass IECC standards with REScheck on the initial attempt, you will need to consider improvements to meet the code. This can typically involve  adding more insulation to the attic, insulating basements and crawl spaces, using more energy-efficient windows and doors, or other recommended upgrades.

Consider Working with a 3rd party to help prepare REScheck reports

While the use of the REScheck software is free to all, it can take a bit of technical expertise and training to get to know the operation and performance of the product. Many builders and contractors find that it’s easier to hire an outside agency or third-party to perform the REScheck report process.

For a low fee, you can hire a third party, who will use the information provided by you to calculate whether or not your building is compliant with local building codes.  At Scott Home Inspection, we have a team of energy experts and we have performed thousands of REScheck reports for clients.  Click here to learn more about the REScheck Report Services from the Energy Services Group of Scott Home Inspection.

Know The Basics About REScheck And Permitting In Texas

REScheck makes it easy to make sure that your building conforms to all required 2015 IECC standards in Texas. To make things even easier, consider getting help from the REScheck professionals at Scott Home Inspection.