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Date Published: January 18, 2016

Finding a trusted Colorado Home Inspector can seem like a tough task.

Over the last 10 years, Scott Home Inspection has grown to a multi-inspector firm that covers a broad area from south Denver to north Fort Collins. Thousands of Colorado families have used our home inspection, radon testing, sewer scope, and energy rating services to ensure the safety, health, and comfort of their current or future home. As local Colorado home inspectors, we have years of experience working specifically with different types and ages of homes. Hopefully the video above will help you get a better understanding of our company, and aid in your decision making when looking for a Colorado home inspector.

Questions to ask a Home Inspector before hiring:

When you do search for a home inspector, consider these top questions to ask the home inspection company prior to hiring them:

  1. Do you perform repairs or just home inspections?  Seek an unbiased opinion from a home inspection company that only performs inspections and not repairs.  Buying a home is too important to try to sort out whether your inspector is calling out a defect for his own benefit to gain future repair business, or whether it is a legitimate concern.  At Scott Home Inspection, all our inspectors perform inspections only – we do not do repairs.  We seek to find the concerns in a home and point them out to you, then you can bring in appropriate contractors to quote repair costs as needed.Colorado Home Inspector
  2. Are you insured? A surprising number of home inspection companies do not carry basic insurance in the event something happens during the inspection.  Since a Colorado home inspector is brought into the home at your request, in the unlikely event something were to happen in the home during the inspection, it is important that the inspector be insured.  We carry General Liability insurance at Scott Home Inspection for those very rare occasions.
  3. Is the inspection company reputable and known in the industry? How long the company has been performing inspection is relevant to how skilled and knowledgeable they are with the inspection process.  And what is their reputation in the industry?  Research of companies is important, since many inspectors are referred by their realtors.  At Scott Home Inspection, we are members of the Better Business Bureau, we have been in business for over 10 years, all our inspectors are ASHI Certified, we have online reviews from satisfied customers, and we follow the ASHI Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice with every inspection we perform.
  4. Can I join the inspector during the inspection process? While some home buyers leave the inspector alone to perform his inspection, others prefer to tag along and take a more hands-on approach to the inspection.  All the inspectors at Scott Home Inspection welcome your participation in the inspection process.  We will answer all your questions and help to ensure you have a good explanation of all the concerns we have noted.
  5. What does the inspection include? Comparing inspections companies and their inspection process and what is included in a home inspection is an important part of choosing who to work with.  At Scott Home Inspection we follow the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standard of Practice.  We inspect every area of the home noting all visible defects and maintenance concerns.  We prepare a written report with color pictures included that will outline section by section the concerns with the home.
  6. Do you have sample inspections reports available?  A home inspection company should be willing to share with you samples of their reports to give you a feel for what to expect.  On our home page we have links to several sample Home Inspection reports that show how we prepare our reports and what kinds of things are included in a typical home inspection report.
  7. Do you have additional services you offer with inspections? Many home inspectors only offer the inspection itself, leaving you to separately contract for additional testing needed to evaluate the home.  Examples include radon testing, sewer scope inspections, energy audits, infra-red scanning services, etc.  At Scott Home Inspection we are proud to offer a wide range of inspection services that can be added to a basic home inspection, providing  you with a one-stop-
    shop for all your home inspection needed.  All our Colorado Home Inspectors are trained to perform radon testing.  And we have dedicated inspection team members who perform sewer scope inspections.  We also offer energy audits and infra-red scanning services that can further provide information on the home you are purchasing.
  8. How much does the home inspection cost? Shopping on price alone may lead to cutting corners and leaving you with a less than satisfactory inspection.   Many new home inspectors who are less experienced charge lower fees.   At Scott Home Inspection we feel that our pricing is competitive with the industry, and when you take advantage of our bundled pricing by adding more services, you can actually save big compared to pricing each of these services out separately.  All our pricing is available on our website on our Fees page.

At Scott Home Inspection, as a Colorado Home Inspection company we service the Front Range including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and all surrounding areas.  For more information about us, or to schedule an inspection online, watch the video above to learn more about our company and explore our website at


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About the Author: Chris Scott

Chris Scott is an ASHI certified home inspector with multiple years of experience in home inspections, blower door testing, duct leakage testing, and Boulder Rental License Inspections. Chris is also the Website Coordinator for Scott Home Inspection.

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