If you’re buying a home, we know the process can sometimes be intimidating. From real estate agents to home inspectors and mortgage brokers, there are a lot of different people involved in the purchase of a home.  Sometimes, it can be confusing regarding the working relationship that you should have with each person involved.

So, in this article, we’ll break down the home inspector and real estate agent relationship, to help you understand what you should expect when working with a real estate agent and home inspector.

Your Real Estate Agent Is Your Coach

To use a sports analogy, you can think of your real estate agent as the coach. They can help advise you, find homes for you to look at, inform you about real estate conditions, and facilitate the closing process.

Basically, your real estate agent is responsible for coordinating the entire home purchasing process and ensuring that you find homes to look at that meet your needs and expectations. They should always be your primary point of contact when you’re looking for a home.

Once you are under contract, your real estate agent will also help you decide when to schedule your home inspection, and may have some home inspector referrals.

home inspector and real estate agent relationship

Your Home Inspector Is Part Of Your Team

To continue with our sports analogy, a home inspector is part of your team, a team member that can help you reach your goal.

As such, your home inspector offers expert and objective information on a property.  We operate as part of your team, and once we’ve inspected a home, we pass along information about its condition to you and your real estate agent.

That’s the limit of a home inspector’s job. We won’t offer an opinion about whether or not you should buy a home, or provide you with further home-buying advice. Our job is to provide you with the objective information that you need to make a more informed decision.

This information is then laid out and decisions are made by you and your real estate agent. An experienced agent will have likely seen many of the issues that come up in your inspection report. Because of this, you can lean on them to help determine the best course of action.

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You’re The One Who Makes The Final Decision

If your real estate agent is the coach, you can think of yourself as the owner of the sports team. You have the final say over whether or not you move forward with a home purchase.

But, it’s always a good thing to listen to your coach. Based on the results of a home inspection, you need to decide what is right for you. You should consult with your real estate agent to get their opinion and let their experience guide your decision.

Everyone has a different tolerance on repairs needed to a home. Some buyers like to fix everything themselves, and others want the house to be defect free. Either way is OK.

However, no house is perfect, so lean our your team to help make the final decision. But know where the separation between a home inspector and real estate agent relationship comes into play.

Keep The Role Of Each “Team Member” Clear When Buying A Home!

We hope this article has been helpful in explaining the different responsibilities of a home inspector and real estate agent relationship. While home inspectors are a valuable part of your team, we’re not decision-makers.

That responsibility always lies with you and your real estate agent. What you do with the information provided as a result of the home inspection is completely up to you!

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