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Parker is a Colorado town situated in Douglas County at the southeastern most corner of the Denver metro area. This suburb’s convenient location just approximately 15-30 minutes outside the city makes it a great option for residents who commute to the city for work.

Parker was born circa 1862 when pioneer, Alfred Butters, established the Pine Grove Post Office, which offered a mail service, supplies and shelter to travelers. The area continued to develop and expand, eventually becoming what is now known as Parker. Despite its early beginnings, Parker didn’t really start to see much residential growth until its official incorporation in 1981.

Along with its rich history, this town boasts many other attractive features including 250 acres of parks, 1,200 acres of open space, breweries, a state-of-the-art culture, arts and events center, and even some Alpaca farms. With access to the beautiful, rural features of Eastern Colorado, but with close a proximity to the urban, city environment, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking to call Parker home.

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Parker Neighborhood Breakdown:

This Colorado town consists mainly of suburban neighborhoods with homes built predominantly in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Parker can be divided into three main areas: Newlin Meadows – Horseshoe Ridge – Auburn Hills, the territory west of South Parker Road (HWY 83). Downtown – Pine Bluffs – Canterberry Crossing, the region east of South Parker Road. And Parker North – Creekside is the area located north of Downtown Parker and south of Centennial.

home inspection Parker - Newlin Meadows - Horseshoe Ridge - Auburn Hills Neighborhoods

Newlin Meadows – Horseshoe Ridge – Auburn Hills Neighborhoods

If you make your way to the west side of Parker, you will find lots of new, residential neighborhoods and open spaces. The majority of homes in this area will be ranging from the early 2000’s to brand new builds. You can expect larger, multi-level homes with multi-car garages and 3-5 bedrooms.

These neighborhoods will all generally be managed by the Home Owner’s Association. When conducting home inspections, we always encourage our clients to get familiar with the local HOA rules and regulations. Knowing what aspects of the home are covered by the HOA helps us to conduct the most informed and thorough inspection possible.

When inspecting homes built in the 2000’s (especially the early 2000’s), we are always on the lookout for EIFS siding. This type of material is known to pose potential moisture issues. We have a number of certified EIFS inspectors who can help to properly identify EIFS siding and whether or not there is a problem.

Neighborhoods in the region are ideal if you like Colorado’s beautiful, rolling plains. Many of the most sought after neighborhoods in this neck of the woods are a stone’s throw away from outdoor features such as the Rueter-Hess Reservoir, Rueter-Hess Incline, and the Glendale Open Space.

But a close proximity to the great outdoors also means that you will likely be living near a variety of Colorado wildlife. Pest infestation is a common occurrence throughout Colorado; and we offer professional pest inspection services to help identify any pest-related issues in the home. Our certified pest inspectors search for a wide spectrum of critters including wood destroying insects (such as termites, carpenter bees etc.), mice, rats, spiders and raccoons to name a few.

Keep in mind, even though many of these homes may be brand new, a full home inspection is always a good idea. Even with new homes, sometimes mistakes are made or items are overlooked. Our certified inspectors make sure to put the microscope over every aspect of the home to give you peace of mind when searching for your forever home.

Downtown – Pine Bluffs – Canterberry Crossing Neighborhoods

This section of Parker is generally the busiest part of the region due to its popular, historic downtown area. Downtown Parker is host to numerous restaurants, bars, breweries, shops, activities, and entertainment. On any given night, you may be able to see some live music or catch a performance at the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center

Although you will find some old original homes built in the 1910s such as the Herzog House, the majority of houses in this area are single-family homes or townhouses built in the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

EIFS siding started to be widely utilized in residential structures in the 1980s. So similar to the west side of Parker, it is likely that many homes in this area of Parker will have potentially problematic EIFS exteriors. Any apparent EIFS siding defects will be called out for further evaluation.

Our inspectors will also be keeping a close eye on the major systems of the home, such as furnaces, air handlers, water heaters etc. Most of these items have a 20-30 year life span. So it follows that some of these systems in builds from the 90s will be past or nearing the end of their life span. Our inspectors will call out these types of components when necessary.

These neighborhoods are in an area of Colorado that is particularly vulnerable to hail damage. The area is said to have the perfect atmospheric and land conditions that lead to higher-than-average hail storms per year. Due to this fact, our inspectors know to pay close attention to the roof, windows and overall exterior of the home for any signs of hail damage.

home inspection parker - Downtown - Pine Bluffs - Canterberry Crossing Neighborhoods
home inspection parker - Downtown - Pine Bluffs - Canterberry Crossing Neighborhoods

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Parker North – Creekside Neighborhoods

This is a great section of Parker if you’re looking for proximity to the Denver metro area. The Parker North – Creekside area is closest to the city, with about a 15 to 20 minute drive to the popular Denver Tech Center.

Residences in this area are mainly 2 -4 bedroom single family homes and townhomes. In this area, you will find a multitude of family-friendly, HOA regulated neighborhoods. It is a great area to consider, because single family homes are generally going to be more affordable in this area compared to Denver.

Here in the northern sector, the majority of homes were built during the 80s through the early 00s. So similar to the previously discussed parts of Parker, homes will need to be inspected for defective EIFS siding and potentially outdated heating and cooling systems.

If a home was constructed in the 80s, there is a chance that it still has a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel. These panels were discontinued as they were proven to be a fire hazard. If we see of these types of panels, we will always be sure to flag them for immediate evaluation and repair.

No matter the age of the home, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at the pipes. During a sewer scope inspection, one of our trained technicians uses specialized equipment to examine the sewer line of the home. You never know what could be affecting sewer lines under ground, especially with all of the landscape features in Parker neighborhoods.

Additionally, some 1980s homes were built with cast iron sewer lines, which is a material prone to corrosion and drainage issues. It is especially important to take a look inside those types of pipes.

home inspection parker - Parker North - Creekside Neighborhoods
home inspection parker - Parker North - Creekside Neighborhoods

Parker Home Inspections

Parker is a fantastic Colorado location. With lots if growth and expansion on the horizon, it is a place with a bright future.

It has plenty of beautiful, family-friendly neighborhoods filled with competitively priced homes. Top that with access to tons of nature trails and parks, and a close proximity to the city. Who knows – maybe this town is right for you! Consult with your agent for more details today.

If you do decide to make the move to Parker, we hope that you consider Scott Home Inspection for your home inspection services. For more details or to book your inspection services today, visit us at our website. 

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