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REScheck Report IECC Compliance

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Preparing a REScheck Report is one method for validating compliance with the IECC Building Code (International Energy Compliance Code).  This report can be performed on new construction homes, remodels or additions.  The REScheck calculation method allows a designer or builder to consider trade-offs of building material specifications, such as insulation and window specs, giving an [...]

What Is Blower Door Testing – IECC 2015 Requirements:

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With the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), blower door testing is now a mandatory requirement on all new construction for residential homes. So what is blower door testing? What is blower door testing? A blower door test is performed to measure the exact air-tightness of a home.  Beginning with the 2012-IECC, a maximum air [...]

HERS Rating: what is it anyway?

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The HERS Rating Index, developed by RESNET: More new homes are being built with a HERS Rating, particularly in Colorado.  The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is a method used by architects, builders and energy raters, to determine the overall energy use of a home.  RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network, developed the HERS Index [...]

Energy Code Compliance – Prescriptive vs Performance Path

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Prescriptive vs Performance Path - IECC Energy Code Compliance: Let's face it, compliance with the ever-changing IECC Energy Codes is like tracking a moving target.  Each municipality has its own code requirements and amendments, and understanding these is tough. There are typically two main pathways for compliance  - Prescriptive Path or Performance Path. Prescriptive Path: [...]