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7 Tips For Multi-Family Blower Door Testing

Multi-family blower door testing is consistently becoming more common in all Colorado counties. Just as with a regular single family home, a multi-unit building will also need to have each unit pass a blower door test. This is typically required regardless of whether you are building a duplex or a 40-unit apartment building. On top [...]

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Home Inspection Fails of 2019

Although we typically post informative articles or industry updates, we thought we would share some of the fun parts of our job as well. Our inspectors look at hundreds of houses a month, and we run into some of the most bizarre issues you could imagine. Here are some of the best home inspection fails [...]

Common Backyard Pests in Denver (and How to Get Rid of Them)

We're not the only ones who enjoy Colorado's warm and dry climate in the summer. Colorado has its share of bugs. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, Miller moths, and others that itch a ride on people, may be the most annoying, but others are even more destructive. It's a huge problem when these pests decide to camp [...]

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements In Colorado (CO Detector)

When buying or building a home, carbon monoxide detector requirements can get a little tricky. Each state has a slightly different code requirement, older houses and newer houses can have different needs, and there are rules on placement too! But following these rules is very important because a CO detector can save your life. Roughly [...]

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Concrete Cracks and Expansive Soils – Unavoidable Movement

A close examination of anything in a house will reveal small details that often go overlooked.  At Scott Home Inspection, we specialize in taking time to look for these details.  Oftentimes, minor details from many different areas of a house can produce a much clearer picture of larger developing conditions. For example, superficial drywall cracking [...]

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House Bill 1170: Residential Tenants Health And Safety Act

There has been a lot of talk this year among the property management and homeowner community about a new update to Colorado law entitled: House Bill 1170 - Residential Tenants Health and Safety Act.  This bill drastically changes how tenants can hold their landlords accountable for providing a safe and habitable home. Many people believe [...]

The Ultimate HERS Rating Guide Part 4: When Is A HERS Rating Required In Colorado?

One question that we are asked frequently is when and where is a HERS rating required in Colorado? A HERS rating can be an alternative solution to following the building codes when building a Colorado home. We covered many of the benefits of performing a HERS rating in our earlier blog about performance vs prescriptive [...]

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The Ultimate HERS Rating Guide Part 3: What Is A Trade-Off?

As we talked about in the earlier parts of this HERS rating guide, a HERS rating is a calculated score that quantifies the energy efficiency of a home. When a HERS rating is performed before a home is built, it can be used as a method to comply with energy efficiency code requirements instead of [...]

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The Ultimate HERS Rating Guide Part 2: What Is The HERS Score Index?

You may have heard the term "HERS rating" used regarding home construction and energy efficiency.  You may have even seen and read through a HERS report, or you may have a HERS certificate for your own home. Or you may have read our first blog in this series, What Is A HERS Rating.  Many have [...]

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Common Problems Found During A Sewer Pipe Inspection

Sometimes sewer issues go undetected until they do a good bit of damage to your home. As you might imagine, sewer lines need just as much attention and maintenance as other parts of your home. However, we tend to overlook them because we don’t know what we don’t see. If you suspect something might be [...]

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