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Joe Ophoff has been working as an energy efficiency specialist since 2014. He is the Energy Services Manager at Scott Home Inspection in Colorado.

Explaining the BuildSmart Retrofit Methods In Boulder County

By |2021-06-03T15:34:35-06:00June 3rd, 2021|Energy Code Info|

Boulder, Colorado has some very unique building requirements. If you are a builder that works within the county or the city, you know that it's now always easy to understand what's needed in regards to energy performance. The fun part is the county and the city each have very different requirements. Today we are going [...]

Roofing Materials and Structure – How It Works

By |2020-11-04T15:42:10-07:00November 2nd, 2020|Back to Basics, Roofing|

The roof over your head is an especially important aspect of the overall performance of your house. A properly installed and maintained roof and attic system are key components that prevent moisture intrusion, manage water from roof runoff, and promote good energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Much like a crawlspace, an attic space can [...]

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