2020 Inspection Highlights and Fails

Date Published: December 16, 2020

Last year, we created our first annual home inspection fails blog. We combined a bunch of funny / wow / unbelievable photos our team of inspectors captured over the year.

This time around we are adding in some positives as well. Some fun finds that pop up when you are exploring the wonderful world of homes.

While 2020 was a crazy, stressful, rollercoaster year, we hope that these photos bring a smile to your face as you finish out the rest of the decade.

Thank you for your business! Enjoy…

How To Trick A Home Inspector

This fake outlet stash spot had our outlet tester fooled.

Golf Anyone?

Might have to work on the short game between inspections.

Inspection In Estes Park During The Cameron Peak Fire

We’re still inspecting even when it looks like the apocalypse outside.

The Brewers Basement

With as much craft brew is in this state, this may become standard in Colorado new builds!

Missing Vent? No Problem.

We love the new floors, but wasn’t there a supply vent here?

Leak Behind The Wall?

Luckily the basement was unfinished. This leak from the hose bib could have caused some serious damage.

Seems Safe…

I can fix it, Honey, don’t worry. This stair case is in no condition to walk on. This was found in a rental too!

Your Grandparent’s Parent’s Boiler

A couple of old converted boilers that just won’t quit! Both close to 100 years old.

Maybe Try Fixing The Leak Instead?

The lengths people go to avoid fixing the root problem never ceases to amaze. These paint trays were all shoved in place to catch water from a roof leak.

Got Power?

I don’t think this specific inspection took the standard 3 hours. The crazy thing is that only one is labeled “house!”

I Think We Found The Leak…

When arriving at a ’50s home, our inspector, Brett, heard some water running in the crawlspace…

You Know Those Posts That Hold Your House Up?

Safe to say the flooding in this crawlspace did not treat these steel screw jacks very kindly. A big repair was needed at this home.

I Like My Showers HOT!

We typically test the water temperature to ensure the unit is heating properly. Sometimes you find the opposite.

Your Roof Is Approaching The End Of Its Life…

What would an inspector “fails blog” be without a roof? Sometimes roofs are aging but still have some life left. This one, however, had overstayed its welcome.

That about wraps it up. Until next year….

See you at your next inspection and have a Happy New Year.

-Scott Home Inspection

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About the Author: Chris Scott

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