2020 Inspection Highlights and Fails

Date Published: December 16, 2020

Last year, we created our first annual home inspection fails blog. We combined a bunch of funny / wow / unbelievable photos our team of inspectors captured over the year.

This time around we are adding in some positives as well. Some fun finds that pop up when you are exploring the wonderful world of homes.

While 2020 was a crazy, stressful, rollercoaster year, we hope that these photos bring a smile to your face as you finish out the rest of the decade.

Thank you for your business! Enjoy…

How To Trick A Home Inspector

This fake outlet stash spot had our outlet tester fooled.

Golf Anyone?

Might have to work on the short game between inspections.

Inspection In Estes Park During The Cameron Peak Fire

We’re still inspecting even when it looks like the apocalypse outside.

The Brewers Basement